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Join us on a CIRCUS adventure! Suspense will rise and jaws will drop as you watch in awe of our fearless daredevil in the Globe of Death, witness our gigantic autobot as it transforms in front of you, see our amazing acrobats and lightning-fast juggler, laugh along with our hilarious performing clown, and enjoy the magic and wonder of all of our talented performers!

You won’t want to miss our all new, exciting 2024 show!​


Wed, Jun 26 (4:30PM)
Wed, Jun 26 (7:30PM)
Thu, Jun 27 (4:30PM)
Thu, Jun 27 (7:30PM)
Fri, Jun 28 (4:30PM)
Fri, Jun 28 (7:30PM)
Sat, Jun 29 (4:30PM)
Sat, Jun 29 (7:30PM)
Sun, Jun 30 (1:30PM)
Sun, Jun 30 (4:30PM)
Wed, Jul 3 (4:30PM)
Wed, Jul 3 (7:30PM)
Fri, Jul 5 (4:30PM)
Fri, Jul 5 (7:30PM)